SURVEILLANCE: Gribety Detective services is having huge exposure in the field of surveillance investigation. We have precise skilled team for surveillance investigation. Our company put only those who are highly experienced in the particular sector. Gribety uses to provide time-to-time training for the better and updated outcome. As the demand of Surveillance Investigation has been increasing day by day, our expert Detectives put maximum effort to keep it updated from every corner.

In surveillance the whole individual is in front of you like an open-book. Regular surveillance of an individual for some time brings out everything in and around him. There are various techniques for surveillance -

  • Mobile Surveillance
  • Static Surveillance
  • Videography
  • Still Photography
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Inquiries
  • Statement
  • Talking
  • Court Testimony

Our expert investigators follow the person to track all his/her daily activities like what the person is doing in entire day, where he/she is going, Whom they are meeting etc.

We take photographs and videos for the same as well. To capture the details our team uses the best technology in the industry. We use world class Hi-Definition and the latest equipments which includes video camcorders, and Hi- Speed digital SLR cameras, to capture the pictures and videos of the subject.