It is rightly said that success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate. These days with the growing number of extra- marital affairs and spouses cheating on each other's it is very important to know what's going on your partner's mind. Suddenly change in behavior of your better half can be dangerous for your happy married life. So before taking matter in your hand the person should have a clear introspection and for that the person should go for a detective agencies specialized in carrying out post-matrimonial investigation.

Gribety detective service is actively involved in offering post-matrimonial detective services, these investigations are carried out secretly and with utmost care. We provide all information with valid proofs about your partners' life style like:

  • what he/she does in office, or
  • involved with some colleague
  • where does he/she goes after office timing
  • with whom he/she going out regularly, etc.

Our priority is that our investigation are always kept secret and covered. That is the reason that we are the most preferred detective agency in spouse check or post-matrimonial Investigations.