In marriages we believe that the marriages are made in heaven but now days we believe that the faith is very crucial and important for the couples. Matrimonial investigation is necessary because sometimes, due to extra-marital affairs, spouse infidelity, pr matrimonial affair with any one, parental background intervention in married life, any dowry demand or any other cruelty/harassment to the girl by her in-laws, attitude of mother-in-law & father-in-law or any other in-law towards the girl, in-laws reputation in the neighborhood etc., the marriage gets totally shattered. Thus, there is always the need of matrimonial investigation.

Gribety conduct all our detective services with utmost care and maintain complete secrecy throughout. Investigations relating to Delhi region are usually completed within 5-7 days. The work includes on confidential investigations / such as We also conduct confidential enquiries in an utmost discreet manner to discover hidden truth.